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Cigarettes became popular

 in the 1800's when soldiers brought it back to England from Russia.

Whole Leaf Tobacco...and My Story

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 A Purposeful Journey of Dedication, Hard Work and Discipline

My love for serving people began when I was a youngster.  My father was a superintendent and project manager for a highly respected general construction firm.  Occasionally, he would take me with him to job sites, and while it was overwhelming at my young age, I enjoyed every experience and through that, I developed the belief that someday I would be in business providing services to the general public.  I will never forget the words he would utter repeatedly, "if you’re not going to do it right – don't do it at all."  

Through my father, I learned the importance of respect, dedication, hard work and discipline.  It was because of him, I mastered the art of doing it right – no matter what it was. My father’s hobbies, including flying and building experimental aircraft, also had an impact on me.  At the age of 19, while working for an electrical contractor, I became a private pilot.  It wasn’t long after that, the army called, and I thought my aspirations would be placed on indefinite hold.  But were they? I was assigned to the infantry combat engineers group and eventually placed in charge of renovating barracks…and with the responsibility for “making it right” the desires to own a business continued to grow ever stronger. 

While still serving I began using my GI bill to further my aviation experience.  After my discharge, I became a flight instructor and found helping others be their best, was extremely rewarding.  After teaching for some time, I was offered a chief pilot position with a general contracting firm. While I held no position of authority as it related to construction, I loved every minute of evaluating their progress and success.  A few years later, my brother, knowing I was quite detailed, asked if I would partner with him and manage the office of this new contracting business.  Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity, and launched a journey that consumed over 30 years of business.

​ After selling the company I joined a national organization who offered free business mentoring services to new entrepreneurs…and while I enjoy helping others, it only served to fuel my desire to start another company. When a dear friend asked if I would be interested in starting a tobacco business, I once again jumped at the idea!  While my early journey appears to have taken me in opposing directions, in retrospect, it was just what the doctor ordered.  My skills in business and knowledge of the tobacco industry, seamlessly merged to bring you the finest tobacco flavors direct from the field, straight to your door.

​ Our whole leaf tobacco products are the best it can be, in part, because of what my dad would always say…"if you're not going to do it right – don't do it at all."


 Kentucky Whole Leaf Tobacco

Customers Tell Us...

I normally would bounce from one tobacco to another, but now I won't smoke anything but your tobacco.  Where have you been all my life!

Rick from Kentucky