Entry 001
Noah's Ark

1 part  Sweet Delight Booster

5 Parts plain Vodka

5 Parts strawberry vodka


                         Sylvania, Ohio

      To have a little fun we decided to add this page!  So try our customer submitted recipes, or be one of those who share their own favored creation.  If your recipe is selected for our "CookBook" you could be a winner!  Our customers vote and the most liked recipe for 2014 will win a $50.00 KWL Gift Certificate.

     Either vote or submit your most favorite creation by clicking on cookbook@kwltobacco.com.  When voting, be sure to include in your email the entry number listed in the "CookBook" - your vote will then be tabulated.  If submitting a recipe, for accuracy please be detailed.  Thanks

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In 1760 Pierre Lorillard established a company in New York City to process tobacco, cigars, and snuff.  Today P. Lorillard is the oldest tobacco company in the U.S.

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"Creating different whole leaf tobacco flavors using alcohol is fun! When I decide on my favorite, I plan to submit my own receipt recommendation."

Julie from NC

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