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On October 15, 1492 Christopher Columbus was offered dried tobacco leaves as a gift from the American Indians .

Lets Have Fun!

With "Flavor Boosters" endless recipe possibilities, we thought it would be fun if you submitted your own recommendations so we might share with others.  To do this we recently added a"CookBook" page to our  website.

Just email your recipe to cookbook@kwltobacco.com and tell us why yours should be considered.  If your recipe is chosen it will be listed on our CookBook page.  Individuals will then cast votes...and at the end of the year, the recipe that's most popular will win a

$50.00 KWL Gift Certificate!

Don't let your unique ideas go to waste, you could be the lucky winner!

Customers Tell Us...

With your great guarantee I figured I couldn't lose, so I tried the "Kentucky Bold" tobacco with your "Sweet Delight" "Flavor Booster" and I'm glad I did.  I used Vodka as a mixer, but I'm looking forward to trying other mixers.

Jim from MI


Menthol Smooth

     This smooth menthol experience delivers taste without the kick to your mouth.  It leaves you with less tobacco breath and better tasting food if you'll be eating.

Sweet Delight

     This unique flavor offers a rich but sweet finish for those who don't like tobacco aftertaste - don't want their clothes smelling like tobacco, or simply have a sweet tooth.

Old World​™

     Imagine back in the early 1900's when Kentucky tobacco growers began developing bold new flavors that represented the heart and soul of the tobacco industry.  This "Old World" experience has the taste that's a throw back to those early years.

A Tasty Smoke:

     Historians say, the first scouts sent by Columbus into the interior of Cuba (officially the Republic of Cuba) found men holding half-burned wood with herbs, used as in smoking tobacco.  This desire to introduce enhancers that produce unique flavors and pleasant aromas has brought the art of formulating that perfect taste a very long way.

     NOW, you can create your own one of a kind taste by combining our "Super Concentrated "Flavor Booster"  Formula's" with Vodka, or other like alcohol beverages...and spray on our proprietary whole leaf blends.  Mixing 10 parts alcohol to one part "Booster"  offers an economical way to enhance your smoking pleasure!

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