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Dear Valued Customer,

It brings me great disappointment to inform you that our business – the Kentucky Whole Leaf Tobacco Co. – will be closing.  Our extended operation including a cigar shop in Alabama was sold…and the new owners are eliminating the Whole Leaf sales department. If anyone wishes to call I can be reached at 419-356-1982.

I want to sincerely express my appreciation for your business over the years and wish you all the very best.

Tom Hass

     As you cruise our site, you'll find KWL is uniquely different.  Not only do we believe there's a science behind good blends, but we offer only what we've tried and tested.  At least 80 percent of those trying our products must like it, or we scrap the recipe and start all over.  In literally hundreds of market tests, participants not only say they "really like it" but want to buy right then!  Read on each page what customers are telling us!

     Interested in becoming a KWL Certified Reseller?  Retailers are also telling us that more than half of their customers who ask about our whole leaf tobacco actually purchase it.  Once they get a brief description of how KWL​ developed it's blended tobaccos and how it tastes, many purchase extra.

Blended Cut Rag Tobacco

Blended Stripped Tobacco

Welcome  Whole  Leaf  Tobacco  Enthusiast!! 


Kentucky Whole Leaf Tobacco

Flavor Matters!

​  From the fertile, rolling hills of Kentucky and selected locations around the globe, comes the purest grown, "Proprietary Blends" of Whole Leaf Tobacco anywhere on the planet! KWis proud to offer these "Premier Products" at the most INCREDIBLE LOW PRICE OF  $8.99  per pound or less!

Tobacco History:

Did you know 

Tobacco is a plant native to North and South America?  It's believed, Tobacco began growing in the Americas about 6000 BC, and about 1 BC, the American Indian found it to be an excellent pain killer and an important ceremonial tool.

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Customers tell us...

"I was smoking Marlboro Reds and I can't tell any difference in taste.  Now I get the same flavor from Kentucky Whole Leaf at a fraction of the cost.  I love it!"

Ron from Ohio

     We're so convinced you'll like our special blends, we're making them available for a limited time at significantly reduced prices!

     Last but not least, our product freshness is impeccable!  Only until we receive your order do we then process, package and ship.

That's why it's easy to offer such an appealing promise...

100% money back guarantee!

If at any time within the first 15 days you can't honestly say our product met your expectations, we don't deserve to keep your money!

Enjoy Your Shopping!!


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