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 First Timers How To...

Tobacco / Flavor Booster Treatment Instructions

Flavor Booster Mixing Instructions:

     "Do Not" spray our fully concentrated "Flavor Booster" formula directly on your tobaccos.  As we stated on our "Flavor Boosters" page, these concentrations were specifically developed to mix with alcoholic beverages.  This way it offers you flexibility to create your own unique flavors.

     To bring out the exact flavor, "first time users" often begin with mixing basic Vodka with our flavoring.  After that, they start having fun by experimenting with other alcohol beverages, and from that point it's fully up to you and your taste buds.

     To start, we recommend you begin by mixing one part concentrated "Flavor Booster" to ten parts of your preferred alcohol.  Your purchase consisted of a spray bottle with a pre-installed measure of "Booster" that when filled with alcohol, represents one part "Booster" to ten parts alcohol. 

Spraying Your Tobacco

     The process is simple.   First shred your tobacco, then spread out on a table area about a 1/2 inch thick. Now using the mixed spray bottle of "Flavor Booster" spray the tobacco to the desired saturation level.  For most people, a 2 oz bottle of mixed "Booster" treats approximately 5 pounds of tobacco.  Let set overnight to dry and then store as needed.


Flavor Booster's

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