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Special Note:

Whether you're a HandCrafter, Wholesaler or Retailer...and wish to discuss the details of your order – make payment arrangements for any size purchase, or explore individual income opportunities, please don’t hesitate to call Tom at (419) 356-1982.


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From the field to your door, you're guaranteed the very best tobaccos!

    Because we’re often asked how we achieve such a great product, I'll give you a simplified version of the process.

    It begins by precisely measuring each component of our proprietary blended, Aged Tobacco.”  While never leaving the Crafter’s hand, it’s carried to our uniquely designed Walk-In Humidity Chamber where only Pure, Clean Water is used.  There we delicately hand weave the tobaccos as each leaf moistens to perfection.

    When the tobacco reaches the ideal cutting consistency No Hot Spots (a term we coined to represent complete and balanced moisture throughout the leaf) it’s immediately packaged and shipped.  No one in the world applies the precision and care in preparing tobaccos like we do!

    When you combine this process with our dedication, good judgment and know-how for preserving freshness, It's easy to understand why we offer such an amazing guarantee!

Our Specialty Blends:

Kentucky Bold​
     This blend offers a unique bold flavor, that comes ONLY from a combination of choice tobaccos that reach out to the most demanding taste buds.

Kentucky Mild

     Carefully chosen, this blend offers a gentle soothing effect, that's perfect for relaxing the spirits of even the most wild of patrons.

     Try one or both of our blends!  Your satisfying experience is only a click away...so

           ORDER NOW!

More Tobacco History:

Did you know, during the 1600's; tobacco was so popular that it was frequently used as money!  Tobacco was literally "as good as gold!"

Customers Tell us...

"I've been smoking for over 20 years and have never tasted a roll your own cigarette with as much flavor as this...and with no additives!"

                     Gene from Ohio

    Some of the purest tobaccos anywhere come from the great State of Kentucky.  Their lush rolling hills provide the perfect conditions for growing the world's finest.  But it's not only nature’s gift that ensures the best tobacco – it's the knowledgeable hands of dedicated individuals, that shepherd the process to the perfect end…and because we strive for "Quality-Not-Quantity," you’re assured excellent taste every time.

    Our blends are offered only after months of tried and measured results – at least 80 percent of those sampling our products must like it, or we scrap the recipe and start all over.  In literally hundreds of tests, participants not only say they
"really like it" but want to buy right then!

Kentucky Whole Leaf Tobacco

"Proprietary Blends"